This large (20x17) and impressive sampler has the wow factor, for those passionate collectors who prize striking visual presentation combined with unusual elements. In addition to the eye catching farmhouse on a hill, which itself is a generously proportioned 4x5 inches,our talented samplermaker has stitched a most unusual central cartouche....delicately curved at the bottom to cradle a traditional fruiting basket,and connecting at the top to a perfect deep green hillock, that gives rise to the memorable farmhouse adorned with a bright red door! On either side of the farmhouse are the most striking trees.....a large shade tree to the left provides shade for whimsical dog and perch for a hawk;while to the right are a pair of the most stunning and exquisitely worked poplar trees I have ever seen on a sampler;each over 6 inches tall! This large schoolgirl needlework is not limited to these images alone;as outstanding resolution and vibrancy animates the linen ground with large exotic birds,a soaring dove,delicate tulip urns,poignant spiritual verse,and an inscription flanked by brightly colored flowerets on each side, with a playful bird on a sprig above, and reads;'Mary Chantry's Work 1807".The verse is as compelling as the imagery and dazzling format,a charming exhortation given to Mary by her instructress;"Lord wean my heart from ... read more