Spectacular Antique French Gilt Bronze Candelabra

Description of item for sale:

These top quality antique gilt bronze candelabra are from France and the pair dates to the late 1800’s. They are made from heavy bronze castings that have their original gilding. The gilding is just the right color, showing the fire of real gold leaf and a patina of 100+ years of gentle use. The candelabra are beautifully detailed. The arms and body are straight and not bent, twisted or misaligned in any way. They are in excellent antique condition with no damage whatsoever. We guarantee that these are genuinely old pieces with original gilding and are made from bronze, not a base metal such as spelter. Dimensions: 20” tall, 9” wide, 7” deep. Weight is 11.5 lbs (5.2 kg.) each. Please be sure to check at the bottom of this listing to see if any corrections or answers to questions have been posted.

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