THIS IS A TRAIN HIGHLIGHT FOR EBAY FOR THIS WEEK! THE 2373 CANADIAN PACIFIC F-3’s, COMPLETE WITH EXTRA PAPERWORK, WRAPPING PAPER, AND THEIR VERY RARE ORIGINAL BOXES IN EXTREMELY HIGH-GRADE CONDITION! THE TRAINS ARE TOTALLY UN-RUN! **SEE PHOTOS** TRAINS COME WITH THEIR ORIGINAL DECALS INTACT, NOT REPRODUCTIONS!LIONEL POST-WAR 2373 CANADIAN PACIFIC F-3 A-A UNITS, IN MINT+ C-10 CONDITION! Spectacular matching pair! See grading chart and descriptions below. THESE BEAUTIES HAVE A RARITY GRADE OF 10, ON A SCALE OF 1-10, WITH A 10 BEING THE RAREST AND HARDEST TO FIND. THIS PAIR IS EXTREMELY PRISTINE AND ONE OF THE NICEST THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN, WITH IMMACULATE ROOFS AND SIDES. NO SCRATCHES OR DAMAGE. THE ORIGINAL DECALS ARE 100% INTACT AND ARE TRULY AWESOME. CANADIAN PACIFIC 2373 F-3 A-A Units, in matching fresh from the factory condition! The “A units have the original decals. (see photos). The yellow heat-stamped lettering on both pieces are strong, bold, and clear. The highest-grade pristine maroon roofs, and sides that I have seen!� The original patina on the grey noses are spectacular and flawless. Magnificent black pilots and frames, again in pristine condition. No rust or corrosion on original horns, ladders or battery cover. The decals are slightly sucked in over the front louvers, from age, as this is the way you want to see an ... read more