++++ NEW FIND ++++ ---- SUPREME!!! ---- LYNCHBURG GREENSTONE SLAB!!! (The Cabachon is only an example and not included as part of the auction) This slice is an end cut, slightly rough on one side with a very rough area on one side ov the cut face w the slice broke from the host rock. The slice is over 1/4 in. thick. This Truly Amazing and Unique stone would make a SUPERB COLLECTORS SPECIMAN OR MANY, MANY STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE GEMS!!!!! This stone is from Lynchburg, Virginia, which is the only place in the world it's found, and is actually Actinolite-Chlorite Schist with Garnet inclusions. It takes a great polish and is very easy to work. The color is Dark Green with Silver Green hewes and makes Very Striking Cabachons!! Inclusions in the stone sparkle under bright light. While this stone was mined from the late 1700s to the late 1960s, to my knowledge it has never before been offered as gemstone material. The stone has a wonderful history and was used for it's beauty and durability, primarily in landscaping and arcitecture in many historical buildings in Virginia as well as many other cities across the country and for a fireplace in the Whitehouse. The mine was shut down in the mid 1960s because of economic difficulties caused by taxation and resulting litigation. The stone has recently become available
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