Spectacular Pyrite cubes! Natural mineral specimens from Navajun, Spain. #13

VERY RARE PYRITE CRYSTAL!!� � Perfect pyrite crystals from Navajun, La Rioja, Spain.� These Spanish Pyrite are amongst the most striking in the mineral kingdom!The beautiful crystals are famous for their natural flawless cubic shape, mirror-like faces and incredible luster. Pyrite (FeS2) is an iron sulfide that has a cubic crystallization, so they are never cut or polished. Hard to believe for the non trained eye that these specimens are a mineral wonder of the world!� They are approximately� 130 million years old! Don't forget to see our other auctions including our higher end Pyrite specimens. Perfect for Educational purposes such as mineralogy and crystallography! For more information and/or specimens visit our website: piritasdenavajun.us