Spectacular Vintage Custom Bowie Knife W/ Custom Sheath

Just a spectacular piece!!

I have no idea who made this fine knife, but maybe the design elements will provide enough clues to determine who gets the credit.

Knife has an 11" blade and measures 16-1/4" in overall length. The blade is just under 1/4" thick and the knife weighs nearly 1-1/2 pounds.

Neither the knife nor the sheath were made by an amatuer or hobbyist. This is the work of someone with a high level of skill and certainly by someone who has made many knives. The quality of materials, quality of craftsmanship, and complexity of design and the grind, all point to accomplished maker. The pommels and guard are pinned with the pins visible in the photos. The deep double fullers are unique in design and the lines of the blade are a bit unusual. The transition from blade to handle is accomplished by a thick, old-school oval guard in nickel silver. This is a sturdy, rock-solid knife, that despite it's imposing size, feels exceelnt in the hand and is very well balanced.

This piece had been sold and was allegedly very slightly damaged by the Postal Service during transit. Although it seemed impossible to do, they somehow managed to impart a very slight tip burr. The knife was professionally repaired by a local blacksmith and knifemaker. The burr involved about 1/16" of the tip and the photos are
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