SPECTRE: Adventure Comics 1 Lot Of 9 (1974) Bronze Age**#431 - 440**ORIGIN**VF-

Spectre Adventure Comics Lot Of 9 (1974) Issues 431-440...Missing #438...Amazing Jim Aparo Art Demand For Spectre Issues Have Been Going Up Lately... **This One Is A Great Collectible**
Just purchased a collection of over 6000 comics. Will be moving them all out in the next month or so with many on my ebay store so be sure to check back each week. This collection came from a man who worked at a comic book store for over 10 years collecting the highest grade copies he could when they came in and immediately bagged and boarded most of them. Most are never read. Most are in the NM- to NM/MT grade. Stunning copies to say the least. Most are Bronze to Modern.
**I've also begun adding BUY-IT NOW on 30 day cycles so be sure to scan thru all my items to see if there are any buy-it now you want to pick up after your auction wins to save more $$ in shipping costs**
Set was sold to me as FN/VF to VF grades...I am more comfortable grading the set in the FN to FN/VF (7.0) ranges...
Bright colors and glossy reflectivity. No tape. No cutouts. Don't Miss This One!!
2012 Overstreet price guide has this valued at $114 in suggested grade above...

Thank you for looking at my

Variants and hard to find HIGH GRADE . I have over 1000 comics I will be listing in the next two months.



While I do understand the Overstreet guidelines for grading,many have different perceptions on that. So, I will often give you a grade range of where the comic is most likely to fall into. Personally, I think it's harder to grade a low grade comic like a GD than a higher grade comic like a VF/NM.

My buyers love my grading. I am usually right on the mark, but sometimes I under grade a smidge or over grade a smidge. Thus the reason for the range given. Range means just that. It is not an absolute single grade. If you want perfect grading stick to CGC slabbed comics. That's the only way and even with that sometimes CGC may be off--thus they have resubmissions. We're all human and can't be perfect. I will share any flaws that I come across in a general sense that fits into the grade or grade range given according to Overstreet. Please use the description above and the photo to give you insight to grade of comic. Please ask any questions before bidding.



YES…I combine shipping . The more you buy, the more you save . For those buyers who think $3.99 to ship one comic is to high you have to remember you would pay probably that much to go to your local comic store in gas to look around. Shipping costs go done quickly when you win multiple auctions. You will find though that my rates are very competitive and encourage you to come to my store and shop. Items are usually shipped within 24 hours of payment, but depending on the week and when payment is made, the items might not be shipped out for 2-4 days after payment. I will communicate during the process.

As well, you can have peace of mind knowing that I protect your investment in these comics with how I package your items. We have all heard and probably been on the receiving end of com...
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