Speedo FS Fro Recordbreaker Kneeskin Size 25L

This suit was worn in the water one time for one race. It is in like new, pristine condition! This suit retails for $260.00!

Speedo's Aqualab has once again reinvented the technical suit. The Speedo Fastskin Pro is lighter, faster and more powerful. It features quick drying fabric which is ideal for multiple swims on the same day, all the while enhancing performance. The unique water repellent coating limits water absorption which prolongs suit life. In order to provide optimum fit, Speedo collected body scan data from hundreds of swimmers to ensure every stitch and seam was correctly placed. Unlike many technical suits, the seams are vertically oriented to reduce drag based on CFD analysis (Computational Fluid Dynamics). The specifically formulated compression formula now provides 15% more power and compression than any lightweight suit on the market. Compression also provides core stability and firmness during competition without feeling restrictive or heavy, which is so important in swimming. Speedo's special LZR pulse fabric, a high density microfiber fabric woven from chlorine resistant elastane and ultra fine nylon thread, provides the lowest water absorption rate of any woven fabric.