Spektrm SR3500 DSM 3-Channel Micro Racing Receiver - SPM1210

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Spektrm SR3500 DSM 3-Channel Micro Racing Receiver - SPM1210.

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This is the Spektrum SR3500 DSM 3-Channel Micro Racing Surface Receiver. This weighs only 6.5 grams, and is only 1/3 the size of the SR3000 receivers. This works with all current Spektrum surface systems. These do not have the telemetry feature because of their small size and low weight.

The next big thing from Spektrum is very, very small. Introducing the SR3500 micro racing receiver.

Features Only 1/3 the size of SR3000 receiver Pro programming lowers latency by 1.3ms (2.6ms when used with Pro Module) Lower operating voltage Integrated voltage protector Forward and backward compatible with all surface systems (except HRS) Fuel and motor-spray resistant plastic Overview

Weighing in at all of 6.5 grams and measuring only 1.06 x .78 x .48 inches, the new SR3500 micro receiver clearly qualifies as the world's smallest, easiest-to-install 3-channel racing receiver.

Think of it. All the no-pins, no-crystals, no-glitches, no-interference convenience and security of Spektrum's DSM 2.4GHz technology in a smaller package. Fact is, except for not featuring a telemetry section, its performance and circuitry are identical to that of the regular, race-proven SR3000 receiver. Plus the lowest latency,
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