Spektrum DX6 2.4 GHz transmitter

Spektrum DX6 2.4GHz R/c Transmitter - Air or Helicopter

Up for auction is my Spektrum DX6 Transmitter, it works flawlessly. It operates with no glitch operation with any of my motors whether they be brushed, cobalt or brushless style. This transmitter is in wonderful condition, only 3 marks on the case anywhere and they are so minor you have to look for them. The display bezel is scratch free and the battery takes a good charge.

These 2.4 GHz R/C transmitters are wonderful in that that gone are the days of interference from other R/C modeler’s transmitters using 27, 50, 72 or 75 mHz frequencies since the Digital Spread Spektrum technology uses virtually two switching frequencies and immune to hearing the older frequqncy allocations.

Here are a few websites to review regarding the Spektrum DX6.


For a great article on the DX6 transmitter features and opertation


The pdf manual for details of the transmiter

Spektrum DX6 Specifications:

• Digital DSM™ Spread Spectrum Modulation
• 10-model memory
• 4 x S75 Sub Micro Servos
• Overnight charger for TX & RX packs
• Dual rates on aileron
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