SPI/Europa Simulazioni Guelphs&Ghibellines Sealed Copy

Europa Simulazioni - Guelphs & Ghibellines. New Store Stock. Never Removed From The Box.The Guelphs and Ghibellines were rival parties that battled for control of what is now Italy for much of the Thirteenth Century. The Guelphs supported the pope; the Ghibellines supported the Holy Roman Emperors. Often the fighting had more to do with city rivalries than popes or emperors. The battles simulated in this game are: Montaperti 1260: Florence vs. Siena. Dante assigned the Florentine soldier whose act of treachery gave Siena the victory over superior forces a special place in the ninth circle of Hell. Benevento 1266: Charles of Anjour (backed by the pope) vs. Manfred of Sicily for control of Sicily. Charles won. Campaldino 1289: Florence vs. Arezzo. This battle secured the Guelfs in Florence, who then began to fight among themselves. From the publisher: Guelphs and Ghibellines simulates the traditional clashes between 13th Century armies with an original system, allowing to reproduce typical tactics of the battle of the era, and focusing on progressive combat fatigue and loss of cohesion of formations on the battlefield. All the main protagonists of the battles and all the different types of troops are considered, included cavalry with various level of armour protection, infantry, archers, crossbowmen, palvesari, the Comunal Carroccio, ... read more