Spicy Adventure Stories Feb 1935 5th issue! Original Pulp. Beautiful!

Another book from The Sixth Street Collection! Beautiful colors and once again, no reading line on the cover which looks fantastic. Overall a nice looking copy. The edges are very nice and nearly perfect and straight with nearly no damage or tears as seen in the pics. The back cover is acceptable and the spine is nice and solid except for the piece missing from the top which is something rather uncharacteristic of this collection. I will forgive Time this transgression as everything else is very nice. The interior paper color runs the normal lighter in the center to darker towards the edges. This book has the normal waves from the cheap paper originally used and fantastic colors. A really beautiful book.
A very cool book. This book comes from a collection which started over 75 years ago and has sat in a basement until a few weeks ago - you will be the 2nd true owner of this book. I have started posting larger pics of the pulps at . is for the golden age comic books from this collection.
Its a no reserve auction because you know its true value. I know I say that on every one of the Sixth Street Auctions but you know something? Its true. Most of these are gorgeous books and the Sixth Street Collection will be a mark of distinction and something that you can be proud of owning. When you mention that you own this book, you will
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