Up for auction is a truly rare & stunning example of SPIDER-MAN #1 (1990) PLATINUM, retailers only variant hand signed by the artist; Todd McFarlane, signed during the time of the book's original release, not after-the-fact; which I n my opinion grades Near Mint + ( 9.6).
That said, this is only my opinion, grading is subjective & I can't guarantee what # a grading company will assign to this book, no one can. I only offer my opinion and the extreme close up pictures for you to make your own educated determination. Please examine the photos and judge for yourself as to the condition & high quality of this book . What grade would you give it?
I've looked this copy over quite thoroughly, held it at every angle to the light and am honestly able to find only the very slightest noticeable defects. The corners & spines are sharp and crisp with only minimal wear. Only the very slightest defects, along the card-stock top spine edge (common in all 9.6 graded examples due to the manufacturing process), a (very), small surface scratch on the verso. A totally crisp, bright, clean, sharp cornered, very high grade copy. I took and provided large, close-up pictures to show extreme detail. Some may appear to be blurry from the zoom in, but the point was to show the quality of the corners at extremely close range. Your eye
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