Spiderman Limited Pewter Statue Figure Rare Marvel !!

Spider-Man Marvel Comics Limited Edition Pewter Figurine Sample photo only. Actual item will vary. SPIDER-MAN Fine Pewter Figure, 1962, Silver Age Edition. Part of the LIMITED EDITION COMIC BOOK CHAMPIONS, COLLECTOR SERIES #1, 1996. 3.12 oz of Fine Pewter.

Sample photo only. Actual item will vary. LIMITED EDITION fine Pewter Original figurine/statue. Entire set stands at an impressive 6 3/4", Spiderman is detailed and in a classic pose. This figurine is part of the "Comic Book Champions" Series. Figure was hand-crafted by Varner Studios and Officially licensed by MARVEL COMICS.

Behind Spiderman is the famous cover of Amazing Fantasy # 15 with Spiderman's first appearance Ever! This special edition figurine will never be available again and the mold casting has been destroyed and will not be cast ever again!

Don't miss this rare Spiderman/Marvel item, sure to be a hit for kids and adult collectors everyw!

To insure the authenticity, each figure has it's own hand-numbered certificate. This is a single production release. The master mold was destroyed after casting to preserve the uniqueness of this superior pewter sculpture. A truely unique collectible of Spider Man. Mint Condition

Sample photo only. Actual item will vary.

Sample photo only. Actual item will vary. Certificate
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