PORTRAIT OF TWO STALLIONS " Spirited Horses No. 2"

~ 1910 ~

Professionally Printed on 100% Genuine Artist's Canvas NEW! Large Canvas Size : 19" x 13" NEW! Suitable for Framing UNFORGETTABLE ANTIQUE IMAGE! We offer you this very dramatic reproduction of a famous vintage 1910 equine painting depicting two frightened horses, one white and one black. The scene shows lightening and dark clouds surrounding the horses as they seem to be in a state of fear and near panic. This extraordinary work of art was originally created at the turn of the 20th century and was even used as calendar art at that time. SPECIAL NOTE : This print has many versions and this is one of two we have in our eBay store. For those who love this painting and would like to have the other version as well, please click The texture and drama in this reproduction will be a delight to enjoy in any setting. What a magnificent equestrian work of art to enhance any vintage art lover's home . (see below how STRIKING this print can look when matted and framed) This print is brand new and in mint condition and printed on genuine canvas , with the texture of the canvas bringing out even more of this classic vintage era equestrian scene. *** SPECIAL NOTE *** We have a wonderful NEW selection of LARGE POSTER SIZE CANVAS ART . We invite you to visit our ever-expanding
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