Splendid "Fukuro-obi" w/ Landscape of Matsu & Sugi M81

, you shall get ALL YOU WANT ! Old Good-Conditioned Japanese
OBI for KIMONO !! Name Splendid White-Colored " Fukuro-Obi " with Landscape of " Matsu (Pine Trees)" and " Sugi (Japanese Cedar)" Embroidery Original Material Silk Width 31.0 cm
12.2 inch (approximate) Length 426.0 cm
167.7 inch (approximate) Weight 900 g Condition Very Good Condition! We can't find any particular stains or spots. You can wear or display it without any problem.

What a cool elegant " Obi ", it is! We are willing to offer this silver colored enchanting " Obi " for YOU! It will surely make your " Kimono " style elegant! Acquire it at this LUCKY opportunity, please!!

âe¡ Regarding the color, please understand that it may look different according to your monitor or other circumstances. If you require to make sure of it, inquire us in advance before bidding, please. Or we might not take the consequences.

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â(tm) , and you see it of the original size.


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