Splinter Costafile Tower G harrison Japanese PS '45

appears unplayed mint condition, like new
Rare record on George Harrisons dark horse label, A beatles George harrison spin off group
" Not too many people remember Splinter, which is a shame on a number of counts. For starters, their sound -- an amalgam of mainstream electric rock with pop and folk elements,/ -- was intrinsically satisfying and made them one of the more pleasing and promising groups of the mid-'70s. For another, they were one of the few genuinely bright discoveries to come out of the Beatles' orbit in the period after the breakup of Apple. And they cut one great album featuring some superb work by George Harrison as a producer and musician. The two singers, who harmonized very attractively together, hooked up with George Harrison just as the latter was setting up his own Dark Horse Records label"(courtesy ) please feel free to e-mail if any neccessary is nor clearly visible from the scans
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