Spode Blue Room Collection MILKMAID Pasta Plate 9 7/8 Inches

Make: Spode

Pattern: Blue Room MILKMAID

Item: Pasta Bowl

Measurements: 9 7/8 inches- What they call a 10 in bowl.

Condition: Used Estate China, No chips, dinks or cracks. Look at photographs. Very few if any knife / spoon marks-

These have an excellent finish. Very clean with none or very little use.

Condition:This is a blanket statement- If I see damage it will be noted above undercondition.

Ifthis is a multiple listing they will be consistent in condition, so you can buy with confidence that the picture is not the best plate of the batch and the rest are dregs.

Pleaselook at the photographs AND read the shipping information below :)


Ifyou are attempting to match an item in your service- Especially plates- Someservices will have 6 different sizes. ALuncheon plate may be called a Salad, or a Dessert plate may be assumed to be aBread and Butter. What is called an 8Inch plate may actually be a 7 ¾- I measure the actual size of the platelisted. Measure your own plate andthen make your purchase . There is often a discrepancy between what theplate is called, and the actual manufactured intention of the plate due to theage of the set. I use the name given tothe size by the manufactures club, or as used by large replacement companies-However I have found
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