Spode Trade Winds Red large sugar bowl MINT! ships sail

Trade Winds Red (W 12 8)



The ship and detailing are brick red. A rich gold rim highlight and “Lowestoft” shape make Trade Winds appropriate for either formal or every day use. Each piece type depicts a different ship. Beautiful! And, as usual, Spode made Trade Winds functional as well as beautiful. It’s no wonder you’ll find the Trade Winds pattern (W128) listed among Harry Rinker’s 500 most popular patterns of the 20 th Century’s. Trade Winds red is now discontinued, manufactured only between 1962 and 1993, so is becoming increasingly harder to find. If you’re discerning enough to have chosen Spode’s red Trade Winds as your pattern, you already know what a great buy this is.

This larger size sugar bowl measures 6 -inches in diameter overall and 3 7/8 -inch tall. It is in excellent condition, the gold rim is unworn and there are no chips, cracks or crazing. Ship Thonas Coults on front and Brig 1812 on back - green Spode mark fine stone on bottom with ships names. I think they stopped making this larger size earlier than the smaller ones, I haven't seen many of them. It goes nicely with the larger jug or pitcher for cream (see my other ads) for larger gatherings.

If you’re looking for additions for your own table or the perfect wedding or special gift, look no further! This lovely
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