Spokane Portland & Seattle Train Orders 1947 & 1948

This group of SP&S used train orders is from 1947 & 1948 in used condition, there are a few with actual stapled clearance card, most just single flimsies sheet, many soiled by train crews-see photos, about 3/4" thick stack in middle, random list of stations is: Wishram, Pasco, Bend, Yakima, Washtucna, Lamont, Snokes River, Kahlotus, Vancouver, Snake River, Maupin, Gateway & Metolius. See photos that give a general view of condition. These do offer a back in time sample of specific loco activity for this time period, which is for your reading pleasure and R.R. historical research. These are from a long time collector/historian who passed on in 2013.