Spokane Wash Washington Advertising jug Red Wing

is a really nice looking jug that is a 1 gallon in size and is in excellent shiny condition, it has the usual manufacturing flaws and grazing, some small chipping on the base, a line on the handle which doesn't go all the way across as seen in the last photo. The label is blue ink. This jug measures approx 11 1/2" tall and 6.5" wide on the base. This jug is from the business of Los Angeles wine Co, 713 sprague and 714 1st Avenue, Spokane, Wash. These liquor businesses used to either make t own whiskey or they bought barrels of whiskey from distillers like Jack Daniels or Old Crow, etc. and then they would have jugs made at the local pottery houses or pottery houses like Red Wing and have t own labels put on them. I have to make room for Colorado and Wyoming jugs so these have to go. Shipping will be $15, includes insurance and delivery conf. . I am selling several jugs so buy several and save on shipping. Money back on all my items.