Spooky Books set 2, occult, mysticism, wierd, bizarre

Just in time for Halloween! Spooky books for your freaky occult library. Books are in various conditions, all used, some hardback, some paperback. "High Magic's aid" has a broken binding and loose pages.
Set 2: three books
The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology (hardback)
High Magic's Aid (broken binding)
Sold as is, no returns, but why would you want to return such classic titles?
Warning: I feel I should warn the people bidding on these books that last night I saw some sort of small demon or imp like thing just out of the corner of my eye near the books and the box I stored them in. It was grey with black smudges and had no wings, small claws and was humanoidal, I think it was like the Homolucus in Sinbad, some kind of small demon about 9" tall. I think I must have scared it out when I went through all those books so its possible you might get a small gremlin, devilkin with your books, or it may attract one.