Sportcraft Treadmill TX5.0RC DC PM Motor Wind Generator

The following Motor I parted out from a Sportcraft Treadmill (Model: TX5.0RC). Someone split a drink on the walking belt and deck and the belt stuck when you stepped on it. It wouldn't clean up so it got parted out. Mechanically and electrically it was in good condition when I parted it out other than the deck and belt.

This is the Motor with the Flywheel and a mounting bracket. The Flywheel is held on by a Keyway and set screw so it would be easy to remove. This motor with flywheel is Heavy.

The motor was made by Forhouse for Sportcraft. It is a Permanent Magnet DC Motor model# ACA400-12091, 10A, 4700 rpm, CW rotation, 2.25hp, 90 VDC.

I have seen these motors used for DIY Wind Generators. I hooked the motor up to a digital Voltmeter and gave it a quick spin by hand and received a reading of almost 7 volts. The 2 big bolt that you see in the 3rd picture is for mounting the motor to the bracket or to another type of mount.

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