Sporting Life "T-size BROWN BORDER SERIES"- Mickey Cochrane, Detroit Tigers

If You are Unfamiliar with Sporting Life art cards, please read the full description below, Thank You.


The Sporting Life 4th of July Auction includes over 65 cards with specialty "Patriotic themes". For the first Time ever, a complete set of the popular "Brown Border" cards are offered with RARE Army & Navy Ad backs. There are also over a dozen cards from the "Exhibit series" with classic War Bond Ad backs! 3 or less of each of these AD back cards will be produced, so get them while you can! Also, as an added bonus, Every order shipped will include a replica 1880's Sporting Life Pin back with the famous "Uncle Sam" Image (less than 100 produced!)

-This is a NEW product "Hand-Made and randomly DISTRESSED" to enhance collecting enjoyment by the Owner of the Sporting Life Trade Name. You will find the year produced on the back of the item. -it is NOT a reprint!

Sporting Life "T-size" Brown Border SERIES - When available, you may find different player images, different colored backgrounds, And Advertising backs - This may be as challenging to collect as the T-206 set itself! But more limited!

-The Sporting Life Magazine “T-Size” Series card set is a Hand made Art card, created in Extremely limited editions with each card being a one-of-a-kind collectible masterpiece. The
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