Sports Card Collectors Dream find Thousands of RC's autograph Michael Jordan

My wife and I buy Storage Units and last week we bought a 10x 10 storage unit and this huge lot of cards was under the tarp in the back ofthe unit. We inventoried the unit and found 55 boxes of Baseball Cards from 1970-late 1990’s, 22 boxes of football cards from the early 1970’s-early 2000’s, and 68 boxes of Basketball cards from the early 1970’s-early 2000’s. We brought some of the boxes home to take some better pictures and I have tried to upload the best pictures that I took. To be honest with you I don’t know much about sports cards but what little I do know I see rookie cards from all sports, I see some names that I recognize from watching games on T.V. such as Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Bill Walton, Willis Reed, Nolan Ryan, Lou Piniella, Cecil Fielder, Alex Rodriguez, Roberto Clemente, Jim Harbaugh, Reggie White, Barry Sanders, and Troy Aikman. I wanted to name some of the names that I knew but I could probably name at least another 100 people that I have heard of.

To make this as easy as possible for everyone I am just going to randomly grab 50-60 cards from various boxes so I will try to mix it up between the different sports. I will make sure to include at least 2-3 of the cards in the hard cases that you see in the pictures. I am going to auction off these lots in 50-60 cards per lot so if you
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