Sports card lot! Selling ex boyfriend entire collection! Final auction $ X's 20

While I was away dealing with family matters, my now ex boyfriend spent the time buying sports cards. Over the last 2 months he has spent (using my money) $1000.
Im now selling these cards plus his entire collection he originally had. The picture shown is what he has bought since i was gone. He has 5 more storage container just like one in pictures.
Everything is going to sold to get back the money he took from me.
I have no idea about sports cards but most of them have been priced. I will add the ones that are to make each auction worth 10 times finale auction price.. There will be 50 sports cards in every auction, but 5 -10 will make up value of final auction price X's 20.
Starting bid at 10.99 Shipping will be 6.99