This is a collection of The Sportsman's Portfolio of

Color-etch Prints by SWENEY

For many years, Fred Sweney's contributions to the field of art were varied and extensive as an illustrator for national advertisers. He was also a teacher at Ringling School of Art for three years and became well-known for his development of instructional material for beginning artists. During the past several years, however, Sweney has literally vaulted to the pinnacle of success, depicting the first loves of hunter, fishermen and general outdoorsmen. Today he is considered the finest in his field, and according to most critics, contemporaries and students of art, his wildlife and outdoor paintings are unexcelled in authenticity, action and interesting composition. They reveal the intimate sensitivity of an artist who is a perfectionist in his field. It is with justifiable pride and delight, tfore, that we can present for your pleasure this sportsman's selection of Sweney subjects. They have been reproduced on foil by a new concept color-etch process that brilliantly enhances their striking quality and attractiveness for framing.

This was written 30 years ago.

Each on has SWENEY on the lower right corner.

Artist Sweney was born in 1912 in Holidaysburg, PA

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