Sportstars Tony Cottee soccer Starting Lineup figure

Hello. I am offering for sale an unopened Kenner Sportstars Tony Cottee soccer figurine. Cottee played the striker position for Everton and was considered a star player.
This figure's packaging is in ok shape but has some obvious flaws. The bubble is dented right above Cottee's kicking foot. It isn't a catastrophic dent, but it's a dent. The cardboard above the bubble is dirty, presumably from storage, and also bears a visible, moderate crease. The lower right hand corner of the cardboard is noticeably dented. The figure itself looks perfect.
I feel comfortable giving the packaging a grade of "6". The flip side of the so-so packaging is that this is a hard to find soccer/football figure to find in any shape!
USPS shipping to any U.S. address will be $5. International shipping will be a bit more. I am going to list two or three other soccer Starting Lineup figures soon, and I have a very friendly combined shipping policy. Thank you for your time!