Spotted Sandpiper Shorebird Decoy - Individually Hand Carved by Harold Van Dyck




The Spotted Sandpiper is abundant throughout North America. In summer, it develops large dark spots on its belly. It is most commonly found on inland lakes and streams where it breeds during the summer months. The female prefers to have more than one mate and does the courting. She leaves her eggs for the male to incubate and raise while she goes on to court another male. Its distinctive way of repeatedly bobbing its tail as it walks aids in identifying this bird.

I individually hand carved and painted this bird in an upward looking position which gives it an animated appearance. The carving is approximately 6 inches tall, 6 inches wide and is mounted on a nice driftwood base that is chosen to complement the bird. I signed the bird under the tail.

I live near the birds feeding grounds along the Delaware Bay where my firsthand observations are my inspiration. I have been carving birds for over 35 years.

This carving would make a nice addition to your collection or a lovely gift of original artwork.


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