Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle Bob Martin - Mom's Day Off

Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle "Mom's Day Off" by Robert Blair Martin.

I worked and enjoyed this fun puzzle. It's complete and in nice, used condition.

I found this puzzle at the thrift store, along with two others from the same puzzling family. I can tell they came from the same puzzle family because each box has a completion date (from the 1980's) written across the top of the box in the same handwriting. Besides the writing on box top, box is in good, used condition, with a little tape and/or tape residue.

Also, I've been known to bag up a border or two, but this family took it one step further. The border was in it's own baggie, and the reverse side of each piece is labeled with a "B" "T" "R" or "L", for bottom top, right or left. Amused and surprised me. Of course I continued the tradition. All three puzzles were this way and I like it! You can get that pesky border together with help, if you need it, and get right to working this fun Bob Martin puzzle. I hope I'm lucky enough to find some more puzzles donated by these folks who took such good care of their boks.

Isn't it fun that these puzzles were enjoyed by a family in the 80's and and continue to give enjoyment today. I really like that.

All puzzles sold as-is, no returns.

Thank you.