Spy Hunter Arcade Machine Video Game Bally Midway 1983 with video clip

1983 Bally Midway Spy Hunter Arcade Machine for sale in Green Bay, WI. This is an original Full Size Upright version of the game. 100% working--all the controls; Steering wheel, triggers, buttons, lights, gas pedal--all work as they should. The marque looks great and lights up. The monitor bezel looks great also. The control panel looks good. The cabinet is good with no water damage although there is a piece of side art that has been peeled off along the right side front edge. The wood underneath is good and new side art could be put on or the bare wood painted by you if you wish or just leave it alone. It is only for looks and can't be seen while you are playing the game--or put that side against a wall or other machine. The montior has a very good picture. I collect and fix these games for a hobby and this one is 100% working. You can use pay pal or pay with cash when you come and pick it up in person and see that everything is in good working order. I have posted a video clip and the link is right below here and above the pictures.http://youtu.be/3rLHcsTGEWw