█ █ ██ ██ █ ████ SPYDERCO CO-PILOT C09SATU - SUPER D DUPER AWESOME, RARE & COOL ██ ██ █ ██ ███ ██
This guy needs a new home fast ! He is really sharp, a cut above! I mean, come on, its a knife, but it could be sooo much more. It could be a money clip, it could be a paper weight, it could be a really really expensive paper clip, it could be a friend. It can carve your initials in a tree or a school desk. It will be there for you, right where you left it. They don't make em like this anymore....literally,, they quit making them a while ago so you won't be able to get one whenever you want to. That's why you need to pick it up right now while the picking is good. Then, you can tell all your friends how you helped saved poor little knifes that are homeless, right here in your own backyard. Imagine how good it will make you feel to know you have done your part. Please send help. Fun Fact - Originally called the Co-Pilot because it was designed for Pilots to carry in the airports and airplanes. It is not too big so it won't create a bulge in their pants (watch it) when they sit in the pilot's seat yet it is big enough to have a good grip on and handle those big tasks. It has the character of knifes twice its size. You other knifes will envy its versatility.
If you buy the knife, I will add insurance to the shipment at my
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