Spyderco Salt 1 H1 Steel Knife C88SYL Rust Proof Yellow

Spyderco Salt 1 C88SYL Yellow H1 Steel (Will not Rust) Spyder Edge

length overall 7" (178mm) blade length 3" (76mm) blade steel H-1 length closed 4" (102mm) cutting edge 2 11/16" (68mm) weight 2oz (57g) hole diameter 9/16" (14mm) blade thickness 3/32" (2.5mm) handle material FRN

A myth in the knife world is that, out there somewhere exists steel with high-performance cutting abilities that cannot rust. A Japanese steel foundry recently turned this myth into reality with the introduction of a steel they call H1 . H1 is a PH steel meaning it is a precipitation-processed alloy, that's rolled hard without heat-treating and has .1% nitrogen which acts like carbon in the steel matrix, but does not react to chlorine making rust. Surprisingly, it holds a sharpened cutting edge comparable to the premium knife steels being used in the industry by most knife manufacturers.

One of Spyderco's top sellers is our Delica Model. Users gravitate to it due to its sensible size, versatile shape and tested durability. It makes complete sense to plug H1 into this model, so we did, with a couple modifications. Salt I has a more rounded tip that's a bit thicker at the point. Since H1 was developed specifically for use in and around water, rounding the tip better met the requirements of cutting chores associated with boating and fishing.
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