Not A Spyderco Southard 9cr18mov stonewash g10 ball bearing flipper knife zt

Brand new Southard!
What it's not: -authentic spyderco -CTS-204p -$200+ What it is: -excellent quality -9cr18mov stonewashed -real ball bearings, super smooth -lightening holes in frame - just like the origional -excellent lockup, no play -g10 scale -razor sharp -a great Value!! *check it out right search: not a spyderco southard 9cr18mov
Have you wondered why this knife is so popular? Think maybe its funny looking and want to try it in hand without spending the loot? How about an interest in customizing and not sure you want to try your idea on a 200+ knife? Maybe you work for a living and need a quality tool but cannot afford to lose/abuse the genuine article. What about lefties? I did not want to buy this knife because it does not look lefty friendly, but it is! Check out this video to see why I think so.
youtube search: not a spyderco southard 9cr18mov
I have heard many folks on forums etc. complaining that the 'spider hole' on the southard was non functional. That is not the case on this model. I have no problem opening with middle finger or thumb on either hand. See video (i'm very left handed,problems with right are mine). Truly ambidextrious save the pocket clip. I just put a lanyard with a clip on mine for lefty carry.
Just try it and you will love it! I own a few $200+ knives and in use
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