Spyderco UK Pen Knife Gray FRN - Plain Edge C94PSGY New

Brand new in box, Spyderco UK Lightweight Penknife with plain edge leaf blade and gray FRN handle, model number C94PGY.

The knife may be man’s oldest tool but today it is governed by different carry restrictions in nearly every country in the world. It seems: “if man makes it, he must legislate it”. This is particularly true regarding pocketknives in the United Kingdom where legal guidelines govern the size and function of all pocketknives carried in public. One of these parameters is that folding knives not have blades that lock open. Spyderco addressed this by developing a non-locking folder expressly for the UK called the UK Penknife.

The blade on the UK Penknife is held open by a notched-joint at the knife’s pivot. When closing the blade the notch produces roughly twenty-pounds of resistance, functionally similar to traditional slip-joint penknives. To achieve a heightened sense of control and comfort, Spyderco designers added a deep finger choil positioning the index finger on the bottom of the blade directly under the thumb. This lets you choke up nearer the cutting edge with comfort and dexterity. The drop point blade is made from GIN-1 stainless steel.

Blade length: 3"

Open length: 6-15/16”

Closed length: 4-1/16”

Made in the USA

Fully covered by Spyderco’s Fair,
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