Spyderco Vallotton Subhilt Quality Clone

A very high quality clone of a Spyderco Vallotton Subhilt. I got a set of 4 knives, and although I like this one, I need to sell it to help pay back my savings for the others!!!
Fantastic fit and finish, great lock-up, solid feel, fantastic action. Comes sharp and like new condition. I'm not sure what steel they used, but it's really not bad.
Beautiful real layered G10 inserts in the handles, smooth nylon pivot bearings, solid stainless liners - also this blade has sweet grind lines, it's like the strength of a tanto with its flat ground tip and the fantastic slicing ability of a hollow grind in the knife's belly!
Anyway, this is a great way to demo the design of this knife before you buy the real thing!