Squadron Aircraft Prints (x16)

16 various Squadron Aircraft Prints, 2 are singed

Please contact me if you require further information.

45cm x 30cm

Here are the numbers:

Hercules c1k 1985 N.131

Tornado gr1 1989 N.314

Phantom fgr2 1991 N.391 some small stains on this one

Vulcan b2 1978 N.33

Phantom fgr2 1989 N.318

Buccaneer s2d 1983 N.98

Tornado gr1 (b59) 1995 N.sp43

Lightening f2a 1988 N.404 - Signed – Has got a couple of small marks nothing bad

Tornado gr1 1989 N.314 – Signed

Phantom fgr2 1980 N.56

Phantom fgr2 1987 N.264

Phantom fgr2 1983 N.99

Phantom fgr2 1987 N.264

F104S Star fighter – gruppo caccia

Jaguar S202 1985 N.173

Tornado gr1 – no number no date

All in excellent condition (not cut down) apart from the two mentioned above.