Square Enix Halo Combat Evolved Red & Blue Spartan Mark V Play Arts Kai Figures

This is a set of Halo: Combat Evolved Red and Blue Spartan Mark V Play Arts Kai figures. The figures has been displayed inside a glass cabinet for a long time. The figure were bought new way back then, but Red came with several issues upon opening as I remember. There seem to be paint fading on both figures' for reasons unknown since they have been kept out of sunlight. Out of the two, Red is the most unfortunate figure since it have very loose joints, his right elbow pad is broken and is wedged inside the arm, and the assault rifle's peg has snapped off and is missing. The peg of Blue's assault rifle has snapped off previously and been fixed with superglue which isn't the best solution and is still intact as long it isn't tampered with.

The figures do not come with stands as they were released in May 2012 before Square Enix decided to include stands with their later Play Arts Kai figures line. The boxes are in somewhat good condition. All extra pair of hands and weapons are included. It's possible to get some decent poses from the two figures if you're careful enough. While the box clearly says the figures are for 13 and older, it's likely those are 15 and older could mostly likely enjoy this.

Warning: the pegs of the assault rifle(s) and pistols are very sensitive and will snap off if you're not careful when removing
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