A Squier sunburst strat set-up with light action for learning or general gigging

An easy playing Squier Strat. Set-up with a light string action so you can hold chords without the strings cutting grooves in your finger tips... and this is true at both the top of the neck where I have cut the string grooves so you can finger chords easily, and at the body end so you can get on to some easy lead guitar lines there as well.
I re-strung this guitar with D'Adario strings for good tone and feel, and I fitted a set of gold tuners to give the guitar a vintage vibe.
The scratchplate is a white/black/white sandwich and the body has a very deep smooth glaze.
There is a perfect Strat tone from the three single coil pickups which I have balanced to be right for your next gig... the intermediate (2 and 4) positions of the five give that Stratty rasping tone that even some Fenders fall short of.
Condition is scarcely short of perfect, but you can see just a small enough amount of buckle rash on the back to know it has been played.
This is good enough to be given as a gift... but after all my hours of set-up work it deserves to be given to someone who is really going to play it. Thanks, Mark D Phillips.......