SR-71 Bye Bye Blackbird Leather Air force Bomber Jacket

This is a commemorative issue SR-71 Blackbird "Bye Bye Blackbird" Bomber Jacket.
Size Medium

In January of 1990 the military made the first retirement of the SR-71 blackbird. A poster was made and given out to many (see picture 2), but to a select few (mostly the SR-71 pilots) a commemorative jacket was given out. This is one of those few commemorative jackets. It is now for sale on eBay for someone who can give it the respect it reserves (not kept in my attic). This jacket deserves to be framed and kept with someone who has a proper collection.

Unlike the Blackbird, this jacket will never be re-issued.

This jacket has been worn by a past pilot. If you wanted to wear it, more than for show, it would require some repair. The interior fabric has some rips and the sleeves are frayed (see pictures). All from proper use. In some of the pictures I have the owner is leaning on his left shoulder with equipment hanging to the right. You can see the wear in the picture. I have taken pictures of the flaws and jacket wear.

Question: Can this be worn 'as is'?
Answer: Yes, I've actually worn it a few times myself out to non-smoking bars. It's a great conversation starter and someone always asks me about it. I often got stopped on the street.

Question: Can it be repaired?
Answer: Yes, t
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