SRA Schoolhouse Mathematics 3 Teaching Aid

A 1977 SRA Schoolhouse Mathematics 3 learning aid. Consists of 200 cards that provide practice with basic math concepts and skills. The cards can be used to supplement any math program. They can be employed with equal effectiveness in resource areas and in classrooms organized around individual instruction, small group instruction, or a large group. The kit contains 2 copies of each of the 200 different cards for a total of 400 cards. Also includes the teachers guide, 10 plastic overlays, 9 markers, 30 rulers, and a pad of progress sheets. Everything is in very good condition. The box however has some writing and some discolorization to it on a couple of areas. Also has a couple of tears on corners. You also have to pick it up from the bottom because the handle is torn. Any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks for looking!