SS MINNESOTA 1903 Belching Smoke, Great Northern SS Co. Original Antique Photo!

A marvelous image from the photography studio of Webster & Stevens, Seattle, of the Great Northern Steamship Company passenger and cargo behemoth MINNESOTA of 1903, with her sister DAKOTA, two of the most famous cargo-passenger liners of their day due to their size and being the largest yet built in the United States. I believe this dramatic image shows the MINNESOTA somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, blowing steam through her huge whistles and belching incredible amounts of thick black smoke from her large funnel.
Measures precisely 9 5/8 by 7 5/8 inches / no date but probably circa 1908-10. I have uploaded BOTH a photo of the item and a scan, the photo showing the image on a table top. The only editing has been to adjust the tone to match very closely the original, which is a very light, warm gray tone.
The condition is very good overall. There are a couple of light incised lines, some light edge wear and the back has some measurements and soiling just as seen in my sample photos. There are a couple small areas of general light rubbing or abrasion of the front surface. There is also a stamp on the back with the name of the above mentioned photography firm who created the photo. The paper is on the thin side (but not delicate of flimsy) so very slight curling will occur outside of a sleeve.
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