SS Republic Shipwreck 1857 Seated Liberty Half Dollar

SS Republic Shipwreck 1857 Seated Liberty Half Dollar
Imagine owning a large Silver Half Dollar, minted during the Civil War, dated 1861.Further, consider that this large, silver coin was recovered from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, after lying underwater for 138 years a coin with the unique history of surviving the 1865 shipwreck of the S.S. Republic steamship.
A rare coin with these credentials is impressive to anyone. But, now a secret about the 1861-O has just come to light that's sure to make these coins we're about to offer absolutely irresistible to many of our Preferred Collectors.
Well-Documented Shipwreck Coins, You may have heard of the historic S.S. Republic steamship that sank to the bottom of the ocean in 1865 loaded with a treasure hoard of rare U.S. coins. NBC, MSNBC, National Geographic, and the History Channel produced documentaries about the historic shipwreck and the amazing mini-sub and robotic technology used to find the shipwreck and bring its precious and historic coin cargo to the surface.
Perhaps just as fascinating is the unique process used to conserve, restore, and preserve these never circulated Silver coins recovered from under 1700 feet of seawater w they had remained for 138 years.
The S.S. Republic Shipwreck Coins National Geographic-- Apr
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