2 SS Smith Voyager Disaster Photos US Coast Guard

2 Unique Photos of the SS Smith Voyager Disaster, taken by the US Coast Guard as stamped on back, each photo also has a typed sheet of information to be used I believe for a press release regarding the SS Smith Voyager disaster:

The 455-foot American freighter, S.S. Smith Voyager, lists 35 degrees to starboard in the North Atlantic Ocean, 780 miles east southeast of Bermuda on Dec. 21, 1964, in gale-wind tossed waters. On the previous day, the freighter radioed that her cargo had shifted heavily to starboard and requested all ships to standby for possible assistance. The vessel was carrying a cargo of winter wheat from Houston, Texas, to India. On Dec. 20, part of her crew of 42 abandoned ship. The 533-foot German freighter M.V. Mathilde Bolton, rescued 34 survivors and recovered four bodies. The master and three other crewmen remained on the listing freighter. Search and rescue aircraft from the U.S. Coast Guard air stations at Bermuda and Elizabeth City, N.C. and the Air Force's 55th Air Rescue Suadron flew rescue missions to the scene to drop survival equipment. The 311-foot Coast Guard Cutter Rockaway, on ocean station Echo, 240 miles to the north of the distressed vessel, and the 327-foot Coast Guard Cutter Spencer, on search and rescue standby duty in Bermuda, proceeded to the scene. Coast Guardsmen in a 26-foot monomoy
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