St Agatha

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eBay Policy prohibits the sale of human remains and requires a disclosure of what the Relics are: These Relics are a piece of hair of the Saint and/or a piece of cloth worn by the Saint, both of which are allowed by eBay Policy. They are sacred and devotional Relics of the Church. If you have any further specific questions regarding these Holy Relics, please email me.

This is a message for the Ebayemploye's who are suffering on a selective indignation disease, this is NOT A HUMAN BODY PART!!!

St Agatha
This is a reliquary with relic from St Agatha. Diameter is 1.2 inch. Relic, waxseal and thread correct in place. Shipping with registered priority is 10$. I want to thank the writer of Patron saints Index. Agatha Memorial 5 February Profile We have little reliable information about this martyr, who has been honored since ancient times, and whose name is included in the canon of the Mass. Young, beautiful and rich, Agatha lived a life consecrated to God. When Decius announced the edicts against Christians, the magistrate Quinctianus tried to profit by Agatha's sanctity; he planned to blackmail her into sex in exchange for not charging her. Handed over to a brothel, she
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