St Bruno Flake Pipe Tobacco Vintage Sealed H.M. Forces

St Bruno Flake
Sealed Pipe Tobacco Tin
Packaged for NAAF Stores for H.M.Forces

Disclaimers as per ebay policy:
- Bidders must be at least 18 years old.
- The package has not been opened, but the product within is not for consumption.
- The value of the item is in the collectible packaging, not in the tobacco itself.
- The collectible tobacco packaging is not available at any retail outlet.
- The value of the packaging is substantially greater than the value of the tobacco product in the package.
You are bidding on one (1) vintage sealed St Bruno Flake pipe tobacco tin. Around the perimeter on the bottom is stamped 'NAAF STORES FOR H.M.FORCES' and in the center is 'S.B.'. Pushing down on the foil seal there is obvious pressure inside so it would appear the seal is as good as it was when produced. The container measures approximately 2 5/8" tall and 2 3/4" in diameter. The tin weighs 6 ounces. I've not found any marking that indicate the volume. The label which wraps around the entire tin is in excellent condition.

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