Fisherman's charm. Approx. 30 mm. Obverse: St George in a plumed cap and armour, on horseback spearing the dragon. Legend: 'S . GEORGIVS . EQVITUM . PATRONVS.' (St George, Patron of the Knights). Reverse: Port broadside view of a fishing-boat amid waves, its sail bellying out; Christ asleep in the bows, a disciple awaking him, another in the stern. Legend: 'IN TEMPESTATE SECURITAS.' (safety in the storm). Medal worn as a protection against perils at sea, the design based on that of gold ducat coins struck at Kremnitz, Hungary between 1600-1800.
During the 30 Years War and the wars against the Turks it is said that all officers and even some common soldiers wore these medals. Eventually, demand was so great that some businessman started minting a special St. George talisman. These talismans were of various sizes, silver, gilt, or bronze, and all one type. On one side was St. George on horseback, thrusting his lance at a dragon with an inscription: "S. GEORGRJS. EQUITUM PATRONUS." (St. George, protector of knights) The other side had a ship with a taut sail on a rough sea and Christ asleep on the deck with two terrified apostles. A wind blows through a small cloud into the sail. The inscription: "IN TEMPESTATE SECURITAS. (Safety, or security in the storm).