St. Helena French medal order veteran Napoleonic campaigns 1792-1815 + diploma

St. Helena old French medal ; order - for veterens of Napoleonic campaigns 1792 -1815

uncirculated quality


original diploma from time of Emperor Napoleon III

Diploma in very fine quality.

Document issued by the Grand Chancellor of the Order of the Legion of Honor

for soldier Nikolas Colleges.

Very low number of document 14555

Medal was created in 1857 by Napoleon III for issue to surviving soldiers of Napoleon Bonaparte's "Grande Armee" who had served between 1792 and 1815. It is Believed that 405,000 were issued. Obverse shows the bust of Emperor Napoleon I. Reverse inscription reads: "Campagnes de 1792 a 1815. A Ses Compagnons de Gloire sa Derniere Pensee Ste. Helene 5 Mai 1821" The designer was Albert-Désiré Barre, and his mark (an anchor) is below the bust. The medal has a height of 50mm excluding the ring, and is made from bronze . Ribbon 37mm wide, green with five red stripes and edges. The medal was nicknamed "the chocolate medal" because of its colour.
It is made from bronze.

Napoleon French Emperor,

Army , Division , soldier

I sell this medal and document without frame and glass because it is dangerous to send them in frame.

There is beautiful dry stamper ( seal ) of the Grand Chancellor of the Order of the
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