St Lucia GV 2/6d sg 122 mh cat £14

St Lucia GV 2/6d sg 122 mh cat £14As per scan International buyers please note: Royal mail have recently changed their shipping rules and will not now treat enevlopes as "letters" if they are thicker than 5mm. This has made the international shipping of bulky (but light) items much more expensive , typically by a factor of 3-400%. Accordingly we must now make a single flat charge of up to £4.00 for shippping outside the UK, and regretably will be withdrawng the free shipping for four lots or more. HOWEVER, where possible we will ship at a lower cost so single item lots will still be charged at £1.35 but and multiple purchases will be ebtween £1.35 and a maximum of £4.00. PLEASE wait until we send you an invoice after the auction ends at which point we will assess the likely actual shipping cost and invoice the appropriate amount - but bear in mind that a cheap bulky lot might have a shipping cost higher than its bid value- we are very sorry about this but Royal mails bizarre pricing structure leaves us with no choice. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHARITY------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you would like to make a small donation to our local charity, look at our ... read more