ST MICHAEL~Cuzco Oil Painting Framed Cuzco Wood Retablo

Click an Image to Enlarge This is a stunning vintage style retablo, arriving to us from the ancient city of Cuzco.
A one of a kind oil painting on canvas presented in this elaborated, remarkable wooden polychrome altar.
A captivating oil depicting the Archangel Saint Michael.
Details embellished with bronze leaf, an indicative of the Cusco School of Arts.
This painting has been done in the style of the works of La Escuela Cusqueña, the history of which is traced to the 17th century. Originally influenced by Spanish and Italian artists, this school was comissioned to paint sacred art in churches and monasteries throughout the Peruvian city of Cusco after the area was devastated by an earthquake in 1650. The collected efforts of numerous artists gradually evolved into a unique yet harmonious and consistent style, devoid of individualism.
This unique painting arrives to you in a stunning handcarved cedar wood retablo piece.
Its delightful patterns have beautiful colors and it features a unique detail of a small drawer at the bottom, w the faithful devotees placed their milagros ex votos. In moments of extreme tension, terror, or pain, faced with extreme disaster, man cries out to God and His saints. "Save me!" Sometimes he even makes a pact, or promise. When he is saved, he cries for joy. Someone has understood;
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